Seasonal Knitting Projects: Spring Edition

Spring is a season of renewal, where the world slowly awakens from its winter slumber, bursting with new life and color. It’s the perfect time to refresh your knitting projects, infusing your days with creativity and preparing for warmer weather. Spring inspires us to pick up our needles and dive into projects that mirror the season’s vitality. Let’s explore 8 knitting project ideas perfect for embracing the spring season.

Garment Knitting Project Ideas for Spring

Tina's Orchard House Shawl in purple hued yarn from A Hundred Ravens
  1. Lightweight Scarves
    • Spring mornings can still carry a chill. A lightweight scarf made from cotton or bamboo yarn is perfect for transitioning into warmer days. The Double Horns Scarf is beautiful in a light cotton base like Juniper Moon Farm’s Cumulus, especially their gradients!
  2. Lace Shawls
    • Nothing says spring like a delicate lace shawl. It’s an ideal project for trying out intricate lace patterns, adding a touch of elegance to any outfit. Lacey shawls always give the feeling of a breezy, spring day. A great shawl to try out would be the Orchard House Shawl, one that I made and consider one of my most beautiful, finished projects!
  3. Cotton Cardigans
    • As the weather warms, a knitted cotton cardigan becomes a wardrobe staple. Choose vibrant colors to celebrate the season. Consider making a vest if you’re not a fan of sleeves in the warmer months. I love how Drea’s Adventurous Cardigan in a cotton base came out last year!
  4. Berets and Slouchy Hats
    • A stylish beret or a slouchy hat in a breathable yarn keeps you in tune with spring fashion while providing comfort during cooler evenings. I am a big fan of the Koko Bean!
  5. Knitted Tees & Tanks
    • Swap out winter layers for knitted tees. They’re fun to make and wear, offering endless possibilities for incorporating lace, textures, and colorwork. Something like the Pollinator Tank Top is perfect!
  6. Fingerless Mitts
    • Knit a pair of fingerless mitts to enjoy the warm weather to protect your hands during spring planting. Use a tight stitch pattern for durability and a splash of color for fun. The Trellis Tower Fingerless Mitts can be perfect for this type of application!

Non-Garment Spring Related Items

  • Blankets
    • Knit a picnic blanket for sunny outdoor lunches. Choose a cheery color block pattern or a simple stripe design. Love making baby blankets? My favorite is the Quick and Easy Baby Blanket which could easily be adjusted for an adult size as well!
  • Market Totes
    • Prepare for farmers’ market visits by knitting a sturdy market tote. Plant-based fibers like linen or hemp are both eco-friendly and durable. My favorite to do is the Ilene Bag!

Spring knitting is all about lightweight materials, vibrant colors, and breathable designs. Whether you’re updating your wardrobe, knitting gifts, or adding seasonal touches to your home, these projects are a wonderful way to welcome the new season. Grab your needles and a fresh skein of yarn and let the creativity flow. Happy knitting!

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