Not Sponsored

It can be difficult to retrieve recommendations from folks online without the bias that comes with a paid or sponsored advertisement. The following links are recommendations I am asked for time and time again that are NOT sponsored, meaning I get no benefit from recommending these companies or products other than I truly do recommend them.

Squirrel Cage Swift – Shepard’s Woodworking
Small Business Yarn – Critical Hit Dyes, Plies & Hellhounds, Murky Depths Dyes, Dancing Leaf, A Hundred Ravens, Farmer’s Daughter Fibers (Groovy Hues and Less Traveled are not actively selling)
Project Bags – Stitched by JessaLu, Three Bags Full Studio (Paisley & Gold Sewing are not actively selling)
Emergency Notions Kit – The Knit/Crochet Kit
Stitch Markers – WeeOnes, Alice R Crafts
Needle Point Protectors – Wishful Knitting Shop
Knitting Cord Extenders and Stoppers – knittingcords
Portuguese Knitting Hook Necklaces – 220 Penny Lane
Notions Bags – beckarahn
Wound cakes of yarn in various purples.
Wound with my Squirrel Cage Swift, yarn from Critical Hit Dyes


While I do accept sponsored links, I want to make it clear when I receive a bit of benefit from you using these links to shop, whether its a kickback of the sales percentage, a referral reward, or something similar. These are also recommended by me – I have tried the products myself, and can vouch for their quality.

Lucky Sweater