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  • Very Vital Ribbed Beanie Testing Call

    If you would like to participate in this test knit, you must apply as a test knitter to get a unique testing ID. This lets me know the details about you as well as that you have submitted a testing application before applying for test knits. The Very Vital Ribbed Beanie is made with bulky,…

  • How to Do the PUL Knitting Stitch

    I posted this a while back on my Instagram, but I wanted to make it accessible from YouTube since a lot of folks like to use YouTube for tutorials. This goes over the PUL stitch, or the Pull Up Loop technique in knitting. If you have any questions, let me know!

  • Prepping Readymade Items

    I came across an opportunity to sell readymade items at a local store here in Connecticut. Still working it out, but while it is presenting itself, I feel the need to get my finished item stash piled up so I have product to sell. Patterns Considered to Be Used for Readymade I am definitely leaning…