Available readymade items for sale

You can find any available readymade items for sale here. If there are no available products listed, it means I am currently sold out and working on updating my stock. Are you looking for examples of the readymade items I can create? Here are some options!


Wholesale options available

There are wholesale options available, and I would encourage you to fill out a wholesale interest form so we can discuss different possibilities that work for your business. This can be from fulfilling several fitted knit beanies for your company’s employees or providing stock for your artisan gift store. I’m open to all discussions to help get what you’re looking for when it comes to knitted accessory items such as hats, scarves, cowls, mitten or gloves, shawls, and more.

Need a specific commission?

If you would like to commission a specific pattern or idea, please use my commission inquiry form. Please note that commissions for garments such as sweaters are currently on a 1 year+ waitlist due to current commission load. Garments in particular take a longer amount of time and require more precise measurements to ensure good fit and wearability. Need a recommendation? I can provide a recommended knitter to help you create the sweater, top, bottoms, or other garment you are looking for! I have over 16 years of experience and know people with that, if not more, experience to help you achieve your goals. Also, if it makes more sense for someone else to complete your idea because they have more experience in that particular item, I will recommend those folks to you as well before taking on the project.