Thank You for Considering Being a Test Knitter

I Greatly Appreciate You and Your Time

Hello! Thank you for considering to become a test knitter for Finarina Knitwear. Christina is on a mission to create all different kinds of accessories, as well as custom-sized garments providing the math to create a garment that fits YOU!

Unlike a lot of test knitting applications – I’m only trying to get an idea of your skill level and experience so I send you test knits you would actually be interested in taking on, and not completely out of your wheelhouse. I also only have the following requirements:

  1. Complete the test knit on time, or communicate with me during your test knitting process and be honest if you need more time (100% of the time, I will give you whatever extension you need! Life happens!)
  2. Provide notes regarding your experience with the pattern. What were hard to understand sections? Were there any math errors? Did you dislike the layout of the document?

And that’s it. Everything else is entirely optional and no – I won’t demand it later. You are doing this for free, and I don’t feel it’s right to request more than those two items above. If you want to do more – that’s up to you (and thank you)! On the form, you can indicate what you are willing to “opt-in” for – like group messaging and public use of your photos, if you want to provide any.

I currently provide the following compensation for meeting the two minimum requirements above:

  1. The finished, final draft of the pattern you are working on.
  2. An additional paid pattern provided to you for free under Finarina Knitwear, or…
  3. …a mystery skein of high quality yarn, provided for the cost of shipping it to you.

You may sell your finished objects, but please do not share/distribute/resell the pattern to anyone else. To see samples of the types of patterns I release, check out my latest patterns.

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