Seed Dot Beanie Extended Sizing and Weights Testing Call

Seed Dot Beanie sample in Super Bulky, size 5

If you would like to participate in this test knit, you must apply as a test knitter to get a unique testing ID. This lets me know the details about you as well as that you have submitted a testing application before applying for test knits.

The Seed Dot Beanie is a cute combination of seed stitch and dot stitch. It’s a simple pattern with a great effect especially on solid/tonal colors, as it gives a nice texture. It also is a great way to learn how to knit in the round, decrease with k2tog, and knit/purl stitches.

The Spots System

To join this test knit, you go to the test knit form via the link below, enter your Unique Testing ID (you should have received that after you applied), and then select the spot you wish you take. This test knit has 6 sizes per yarn weight, with 2 fits per size, so I need a lot of testers for this call. Because of the amount of tests needed to be done, you can claim more than one spot. To claim more than one spot, please resubmit the form for each spot you would like to claim. Please note, as long as you communicate with me, bowing out of a test knit does NOT mean you cannot try for a spot in the future. Things happen. As long as we can keep the discussion flowing and nobody is ghosting each other, it’s no problem.

Seed Dot Beanie Sizing Checks (important!)

While completing your test, please routinely check the fit of the beanie for fitted or slouchy fit. If the spot you are knitting for is coming out fitted when it should be slouchy (or vice versa), please let me know ASAP so I can correct the pattern!

Finishing Details

There is no hard deadline for this test. If you would like to work towards a specific date, I would love to have the testing completed by end of August 2024. If you need more time, please let me know and you can absolutely get more time – I just need to know! A finished test includes a completed knit beanie matching gauge (as close as you can) and weight in the pattern for the spot(s) you claimed. Please provide the final measurements of your finished item, as well as if you blocked it or not as that makes a difference. Please also provide any notes you may have to adjust the pattern in a way that would be easier to read, fix a mistake, or otherwise improve the pattern. As mentioned in your application, photos, online social media posts, or participation in discussion channels are all optional. I only ask that you keep me in the loop via email at a minimum! I’ll send out emails every once in a while asking for a status update to see if you need anything from me.

Step 1 of 2

Unique Testing ID

Please provide your unique testing ID given to you after submitting your testing application. If you haven’t received this, please contact Christina. If you haven’t applied, please apply here:
Please enter a number from 1000 to 9999.

2 responses to “Seed Dot Beanie Extended Sizing and Weights Testing Call”

  1. Beth Rich Avatar

    hi. I have a skein of Universal Yarn, Be Wool, in Pistachio that I am planning to use for this test. The gauge is 7 sts x 10 rows = 4″, and US #17 needles are recommended. If you think a different needle size would be better, just let me know, and I’ll use whatever size you think is best.

    1. Christina Gleason Avatar

      For test knitting, you want to use the needles in which you will meet gauge for the pattern. If that gauge you’re giving is from the yarn label, that’s not what you should be using. You should make a gauge swatch using the pattern’s recommended needles, and then measure. If you have too many stitches, increase your needle size. If you have not enough stitches, decrease your needle size. Once you receive the pattern PDF for the test, you can compare the gauge to the pattern’s gauge to see what you need to aim to get close to.

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