Hello! You are viewing this because we applied to your craft fair and/or vendor sales event, and I provided a link to this page to help explain the type of products that we sell and example photos of those products. I appreciate your time looking at what we can provide as a vendor to your event.

Whole group with a double table space

Four small business owners with related products for craft fairs

There are four business entities involved in our booth area, including Finarina Knitwear – operated by Christina Gleason), Critical Hit Dyes (operated by Meg and Jess Lynn), Drea Made a Thing (operated by Drea Wall), and Pardon My Stash, a fiber arts podcast involving all four people – Meg, Drea, Tina, and Jess. Operated typically as a unit, we all provide fiber arts related items, but each of us provides diverse types of items within the fiber arts category. We like to vend together as by ourselves we might not have enough product to fill a booth, but with each other we fill out our vending spaces with a variety of products that cater to the fiber arts.

Finarina Knitwear

Finarina Knitwear is owned and operated by Christina Gleason under the registered business with the state of CT as Finarina LLC. She provides readymade knitwear items, or completed knitted accessories such as hats, gloves, scarves, scrunchies, headbands, and cowls. She also takes commissions for custom fit garments and accessories. Christina is also a knitwear designer with currently six different completed patterns for sale. She brings these for craft fair experiences as well in case someone would like to purchase a printed copy.

She has a thriving crafting community merchandise division which currently includes tote bags, t-shirts, and notions bags for crafters involved with the fiber arts. They are typically humorous in nature.

Her business is a certified Disadvantaged Small Business with the state of CT as an Iberian Penisula Disabled Woman Owned Small/Minority Business. You can view Christina’s active certificate here. The business operates under a Sales and Use tax license under Finarina LLC.

You can find more merchandise and readymade knitwear at https://finarina.com/shop.

Critical Hit Dyes

Critical Hit Dyes is an indie dye yarn shop, owned by an LGBTQIA+ small business under Meg and Jess Lynn, providing custom created hand dyed yarn in various weights and colorways. They also provide small trinkets and accessories related to yarn, such as knitted/crochet keychains/charms, stitch markers, and knitting patterns. Meg’s knitting patterns, as well as a collaboration with Christina’s knitting patterns, are also offered in kits with Critical Hit Dyes yarn.

Critical Hit Dyes operates under a Sales and Use tax license under Critical Hit Dyes.

You can find more about their active products at https://criticalhitdyes.com/shop.

Drea Made a Thing

Drea Made a Thing is a fine art focused small business that provides physical and digital art prints related to fiber arts. She is a master artist that has been creating digital art for over 20 years. She provides her artwork on heavy cardstock material, matted or unmatted.

Drea’s artwork operates under an Individual Use tax license under her name, Andrea Wall.

Pardon My Stash

Pardon My Stash is about knitting within the fiber arts and how awesome it is! We delve into assorted topics within knitting and other fiber art crafts such as crochet, spinning, weaving, and more. Featuring Meg, Drea, Tina, and Jess, the Pardon My Stash podcast typically updates weekly with laughs, fun, and a bit of sass. We provide an informational display on how to listen to the podcast, as well as merchandise items related to the podcast for active listeners, such as bags, t-shirts, stickers, and more.

Pardon My Stash operates as a division under the state of CT registered business of Finarina LLC, as well as under the Sales and Use tax license under Finarina LLC.

You can find more about Pardon My Stash’s items for sale at https://www.pardonmystash.com/shop.

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